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19 September 2002


Summary Of key decisions taken at the Cape Town City Council Executive Committee on Tuesday, 17 September 2002.

R5,4-million for new community halls in Mitchells Plain
The construction of a community centre for Colorado Park in Mitchells Plain was approved with conditions at a project cost of R3,63-million, including buildings and landscaping. Building of a minor community hall in Lentegeur was also approved at a project cost of R1,76-million, this to be the third new minor hall in the sector – the others being at Rocklands and Westridge. (Items Exco 50/09/02 and Exco 51/09/02).

Steps to deregister the Tygerberg Development Co
Exco agreed to initiate legal steps to deregister the Tygerberg Development Company in terms of the Company's Act, and for an audit of the company's affairs to be conducted on which to base any future decisions regarding the company's debts. (Item Exco 10/09/02).

Fillip for City/SA Navy Forum
Close ties between the City and the SA Navy through the Simon's Town Forum were reaffirmed and it was decided to take steps towards establishing a Gordon's Bay forum to further exploit the mutual benefits to both the City and the Navy of close co-operation in matters to do with tourism, promotional events and municipal services, among others. (Item Exco 12/09/02).

Top-up funding of R2,4-million for childhood enrichment
Top-up funding for R2,64-million was approved to boost provincial funding of R4,86-million plus other existing resources for the provision of early-childhood enrichment centers in Delft, Brown's Farm, Crossroads, Weltevreden Valley and Philippi East. The centres will aim to draw children into learning environments and to provide care for young children with HIV/AIDS. (Item Exco 13/09/02).

Maybaum for Zolani Centre
Exco supported the proposed erection of a "maybaum" (maypole) in the grounds of the new Zolani Community Centre in Nyanga in recognition of funding by the Bavarian Government for the development of the complex. A maypole is a tall pole around which people traditionally dance during May-Day celebrations, mainly in Europe. (Item Exco 24/09/02).

Service changes at Helderberg resorts
A recommendation to give priority attention to alternative service arrangements at the Hendon Park and Voortrekker Park holiday resorts in Helderberg, following extensive research, was approved by Exco, and that steps to be taken should comply with the City's draft policy on the management of municipal resorts. (Item Exco 26/09/02).

Witsand pilot housing project
Subject to provincial approval, the City will proceed with a 400-unit pilot housing project as Phase One in the redevelopment of the Witsand informal settlement in the Atlantis urban area, into a formal township. Beneficiaries must qualify for the provincial housing subsidy of R24 274,00. Two thousand low-income homes are proposed in the long term. EECO developmental methodology is to be used based on local energy and environmental conditions to best sustain human existence. (Item Exco 28/09/02).

R300 housing project in Kuilsriver revived
The City will accept an offer of R2,2-million for the land and development contract for the intended 266-erven R300 Housing Project (next to the R300 road in Kuilsriver) of the former City of Bellville, which was never commenced. The successful tenderer and purchaser envisages providing middle-income homes from R100 000 to R160 000 on the site. (Item Exco 30/09/02).

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Alien vegetation and tree policies supported
The final draft of the Alien Vegetation and Weed Control Policy, which sets out criteria for the clearance of alien vegetation among other things, was supported by Exco and referred to Council for final approval, as was a proposed Tree Policy which has been drawn up to ensure uniformity in tree management within the City of Cape Town. (Items Exco 33/09/02 and Exco 35/;09/02).

New cemetery and crematoria by-law
A proposed Cemetery By-law with associated Conditions was supported and will be proceeded with, through public consultation, before referral to Council for possible adoption. This provides for the establishment and disestablishment of cemeteries and crematoria, determines the circumstances under which deceased persons may be buried in such facilities and regulates the access, egress and duration of stay and conduct of persons using the facilities. (Item Exco 34/09/02).

Replacement of failed transformer at Rosmead Avenue
Approval was given for the replacement of one of two transformers at the Rosmead Avenue switching station, given a report that replacement of the failed transformer was the most viable option in the long term. The switching station is a vital link in the electrical network supplying the Southern Peninsula, including the Wynberg, Kenilworth and Claremont areas. The replacement unit will cost R7,65-million as part of a total project cost of R9,2-million. (Item Exco 41/09/02).

Disposal of Epping Market and Maitland Abattoir
Approval was given for an internal steering committee to oversee the process of disposing of the Epping National Fresh Produce Market and the Maitland Abattoir. It was reported to the Committee that "many interested and affected parties in the market and abattoir are positioning themselves for the purpose of acquiring the market and the abattoir". (Item Exco 44/09/02).

Tender for City banker
In the process – which is current – leading towards the appointment of one main banker to handle the City of Cape Town account, Exco called for full and clear information regarding criteria for selection, upon which to base any decisions it might need to make in this regard. (Item Exco 16/09/02).

Funding approved for Durbanville traffic intersection
Exco approved expenditure of R6-million for the reconstruction of the intersection of De Villiers Road and Fairtrees Road in Durbanville as a priority project in the light of the rapid pace of development in the region, including the major projects of Sonstraal Heights, Pinehurst, Kleinbron and Cape Gateway Development, among others, which are currently in progress or about to be commenced. (Item 48/09/02).

City's valuations process was a first in SA
An audit by the Independent Property Tax Institute of the systems, methods and procedures used by the City in its revaluation of all properties in the metropolitan area, spoke well of the valuation process and confirmed that "valuation equity is much improved and that the City has achieved a sound base on which to go forward". A condensed version of the 36-page independent report was tabled before Exco. The actual valuations process, using Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal technology as practiced in the USA and Europe, was a first in South Africa. (Item Exco 14/09/02).

Interest on public housing arrears
It was clarified that in respect to the settlement of public housing arrears, no further interest would be charged in cases where people had made acceptable arrangements with the City to settle their arrear housing accounts. Normal penalty interest on arrears, following the recent 1% increase in the prime bank overdraft rate, would rise accordingly to 17%, (Item Exco 15/09/02).

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The City's finances "sound"
In the presentation of a report to Exco on the drawdown of bank loans to finance capital expenditure, assurances were given that the finances of the city were sound, which was further evidenced by the willingness of banks to grant loans to the City. In March this year, Council approved the raising of loans totaling R520-million for the Consolidated Loans Fund and the second tranche of dropdowns, totaling R200-million, was planned for 30 September 2002 to finance capital expenditure which had been budgeted for. (Item Exco 17/09/02).

Towards achieving equitable service delivery
With the provision of municipal services being the core business of Council, Exco fully supported a proposed long-term, structured approach towards achieving equitable service delivery across the metropolitan area in terms of outcomes. To this end it approved the compilation of a Project Definition Report which, when accepted by Council, will constitute Policy, which will give credence to Council's intention to treat all customers, residents and communities equitably in accordance with its Constitutional obligations. (Item Exco 54/09/02).

Khayelitsha water project "a world's best"
The Khayelitsha Pressure Management Project, which earlier this year won the annual national award for technical excellence of the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE), has been described as "a world's best practice" by international experts it was revealed in a report before Exco. The project has also been recognised for its community support and the substantial financial benefits it has brought to both the City and the Khayelitsha community. The project will save nine million cubic metres of water a year which, at present water rates, represents an annual saving of R27-million. (Item Exco 42/09/02).

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