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Data set (ascending)DescriptionSubject
Aerial photographyAerial ortho-photography of the municipal area. It is a georeferenced colour ortho image (8cm GSD) of the municipal area. The Aerial photography is published as a map service, Map services are means by which maps, which have been created in mapping applications like ArcMap, are made available to the web. The Map service can be used as a base map in various applications e.g. Google Earth, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS etc. Land administration
Agricultural landLocation of Agricultural land within the Cape Town metropolitan area.Spatial planning
Air qualityThe data set contains the City of Cape Town air quality sensor data. The sensors measure the concentration of ambient air pollutants in 10 second scans and values are expressed as one hour averages. Presently 14 continuous air pollution monitoring stations are in operation in the metropolitan area.Health
Area based service delivery regionsThe boundaries of Area based service delivery regions.Political and administrative
Biodiversity networkBiodiversity network (terrestrial features) of Cape Town. Natural resources and the environment
BudgetsThe data set contains the City of Cape Town approved budgets for the most recent years. It consists of XLS files for each of the most recent financial reporting years.Finance
Building footprintsOutline polygons of existing buildings within Cape Town metropolitan area. Limited coverage (10%), available from Jan 2016Spatial planning
Building plan statisticsA summary report of building plans that indicates the number of plans submitted and approved in the City of Cape Town.Spatial planning
Call centre statisticsNumber of calls offered, handled and abandoned for the month. It also includes the number of notifications, per complaint types, created and closed by the Corporate Contact Centre for the month. It also includes the Ageing Analysis of all notifications created by the Corporate Contact Centre as at the date of reporting.Political and administrative
Cape care routesThe Cape Care Route is a local tourism initiative that showcases projects that promote sustainable development in a practical way. It contains locations of various initiatives and tourism attractions. The route was divided into the urban trail, the southern trail, and the northern trail, and starts in the townships, supporting emerging entrepreneurs by buying locally made goods and food. It visits a threatened wetland, home to a rather rare indigenous plant, and then on to various environmental projectsEconomy