Cape Town Municipal Spatial Development Framework
The Cape Town Municipal Spatial Development Framework (CTMSDF) represents a long-term spatial vision. It provides metro-scale principles and strategic direction to progressively transform Cape Town’s urban form and function. The dataset comprises a package of maps containing several layers (as per map legend) in each of the 4 Nested Maps. These maps refer to the council Approved MSDF of April 25th 2018: Map 5A – Precautionary Areas Reflecting Natural and Man-Made Potential Development Constraints Map 5B – Biodiversity Network Map 5C – Agricultural Areas of significance (Source: WC Dept. Agriculture) & Aquifers Map 5D – Consolidated Spatial Plan Concept This data should be used to measure development applications in relation to the City’s spatial vision.
2017 - 2018
Not spatial
Spatial planning
Every 5 years
Cape Town Municipal Spatial Development Framework.zipThe file contains a map package to be opened with ArcReader. The map package contains the 4 “Nested” maps and is comprised of various sector specific datasets in a DISSOLVED FORMAT representing the spatial extent of each layer. Download document Click for more detail