Average monthly domestic water consumption July 2017.kmz
Average (median) consumption per suburb for single-residential properties updated to July 2017.The file contains the spatial location of features (point, line, polygon) for water consumption suburbs.
2017-11-16 00:00:00
Not spatial
Basic services and infrastructure
Aggregated by City of Cape Town Suburbs. Consumption categorized by median consumption per suburb. Suburbs with less than 50 single-residential properties excluded (mostly industrial and commercial suburbs as well as undeveloped areas). Median values are rounded and top 20 suburbs capped (to avoid the stigmatization of any individual suburb). Note: certain suburbs may have high numbers of single-residential properties accommodating more than one household (for example, 2nd dwellings, "granny flats", backyard shacks and households living in overcrowded conditions). This will affect average (median) suburb values which are calculated per property.