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ECAMP circular

Most recent ECAMP circular emailed to registered users.
ECAMP Circular 2017.pdf

ECAMP Introductory Presentation Now Available

We have uploaded a recent introductory presentation on ECAMP. Please explore and enjoy!

ECAMP included in National Treasury's municipal guide

In National Treasury's "Art of Precinct Management: A Municipal Guide", ECAMP's diagnostic approach to local intervention is featured as best practice. Go to page 25 for more.
The Art of Precinct Management_Municipal Guide_Draft_Nov2014.pdf

What's New feature now available!

Thanks to the technical wizardry of our web developers, the ECAMP team can now communicate regularly and directly via this media feature. Please get in touch with us and let us know what kind of material you'd like to see.

ECAMP Goes Open Data with new download feature

As part of our ongoing efforts to drag government data-sharing into the 21st century kicking and screaming, we have made the data set behind ECAMP available for download in Excel format. Although only derived values are currently available as part of this pilot feature, we hope to go full open data in the near future.

ECAMP 2015 Circular Now Available

The overwhelmingly positive response to this initiative has placed a special onus on the ECAMP team to communicate consistently (but sparingly) with the investors, academics, students, researchers, consultants and policymakers who have joined our community of users.We have therefore elected to distribute an annual newsletter to registered users of ECAMP Portal, in addition to selected project partners. It is now available for download on our website. Please print in two-sided A3 for best legibility.

World Design Capital Press Release on ECAMP

As the WDC draws to a close, we have uploaded the ECAMP press release for one last look back at the year 2014.
ECAMP_WDC Press Release.pdf

ECAMP Portal featured in Earthworks magazine

The 2014 November issue of Earthworks magazine includes a full feature article on the ECAMP portal. If you are interested in the bigger picture regarding ECAMP, check out the interview in the attached article.
ECAMP Article_Earthworks Magazine_Nov 2014.pdf

ECAMP wins National Planning Award

The ECAMP team is proud to be awarded the National Planning Award by the South African Planning Institute for its "outstanding contribution to planning in the public sector" at the Planning Africa Conference held in Durban in October 2014. Check out this article to find out more.
Planning Award.pdf